Claesson & Anderzén AB together with its subsid­iaries is generally known as the CA group. CA was founded in Kalmar, Sweden, in 1912, with its core business in the construction sector. The Claesson family, represented by the third generation, still owns the CA group. Over the years the Group has developed into an investment company and might today be perceived as a “family office”.

CA Fastigheter AB
200 Subsidiaries
CA Investment AB
Catella AB
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BZK Grain Alliance
Arise AB

Johan Damne, CEO


CA AB is divided into two lines of business, real estate and other investments, via its subsidiaries CA Fastigheter AB and CA Investment AB. The main reason for the diversification of investments is to diversify the risk and achieve a sustainable long-term return on equity.

The CA group aims to be an active, leading investor in all its portfolio companies, and to be involved in every business operation.

The real estate business, operated by the wholly owned subsidiary CA Fastigheter AB, is still the foundation of the CA group and many of its properties have been part of the company’s portfolio for decades. The objective is to have a balanced property portfolio with a long-term perspective in order to ­create shareholder value. Investments are usually made in properties to which we believe commitment, local presence and the expertise of our organization can add value. With a portfolio of approx. 650,000 sq. meters of lettable space in all segments, CA Fastig­heter AB is one of the largest private real estate companies in Sweden. The managed portfolio consists of a mix of properties that includes housing, offices, retail premises, warehouses etc, thus creating long-term stability. Besides its management of properties, part of the business is property development, today consisting of a number of ongoing projects. Due to today´s market conditions the main focus at present is on developing condominiums in larger ­cities in Sweden.


Other investments operated by our wholly owned subsidiary CA Investment AB have been a part of the CA group for many years. The objective is to ­diversify the Group’s investments in order to achieve long-term value for shareholders. Over the years the Group has been involved in a number of different businesses including biochemistry, aircraft leasing, textiles, IT etc. For the time being the major holdings are in finance, agriculture, wind power, and property development. In the acquisition process, the approach might be considered opportunistic but, when applied to the different companies, the investment perspective is mainly long-term. Characteristic for all investment is the aim to achieve a leading position in holdings of stock, enabling the assumption of an active role and the exertion of a strong influence on how to develop the businesses. We have been contributing to progress in society for more than a hundred years and we look forward to participating in forming the future as well.