CA Fastigheter AB with its more than 200 subsidiaries constitutes the real estate business of the CA group. During our 110 years we have build up a mixed portfolio of properties which we try to develop and improve based on a long-term investment perspective. The business is mainly focused to Sweden. Beside Sweden investments has been made in a number of European countries over the years. For the time being CA has investments primarly in Sweden and Germany.


The property portfolio is a mix of residential, office, retail and warehouse buildings indicating that the CA group prefers a diversified portfolio, not being too ­dependent on a specific segment. The total income producing area amounts to approx. 654,000 sqm with a yearly rental income of approx. 72 MEUR. Including property development and sales of properties the ­total turn over for 2022 was 110 MEUR.

The valuation of the property port­folios amounted to 1 369 million EUR per end of 2022.