14 januari, 2016

Martin Nilsson new co-manager of Catella Hedgefond

14 January 2016 | Funds

Catella has appointed Martin Nilsson as new co-manager of the award-winning fund, Catella Hedgefond. In addition to his current role as manager of the Catella Nordic Long Short Equity fund, Martin will now also join the Catella Hedgefond management team. Together with Sven Thorén, he will manage one of several independent equity mandates, focusing on the Nordic stock markets. The team associated with Catella Hedgefond is otherwise unchanged, with Ulf Strömsten as the responsible lead manager.

Martin Nilsson has been a fund manager at Catella since May 2015, and has since then successfully managed Catella Nordic Long Short Equity together with Ola Mårtensson. Martin already has many years of experience from various roles within both research and portfolio management. He has worked as a portfolio manager at Nordea, where he was responsible for managing several equity funds focused on Nordic stocks. Prior to that, he worked as an analyst at Alecta.

“Martin is an excellent complement to the existing managers on the team, and he has already demonstrated successful management during his time at Catella. It is therefore quite natural to also include Martin on the Catella Hedgefond team,” says Erik Kjellgren, head of the Swedish fund operations.
The objective of Catella Hedgefond is to deliver consistent, positive returns regardless of the performance of the equity markets. The fund was yesterday named Hedge Fund of the Year by for the second consecutive year, partly because it is a resilient hedge fund that stands up well in downward markets and that also follows the upturns.

For more information, please contact:
Erik Kjellgren
Head of Swedish Fund Operations
+46 8 614 25 12, +46 70 314 40 35

Press contact:
Ann Charlotte Svensson
Head of Communications
+46 8 463 32 55, +46 72 510 11 61

11 januari, 2016

Bank Negotiation and 2016 Plans

11 January 2016
On January 8, 2016, the Company completed negotiations with its banking partner, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (”CBA”), that have
resulted in a series of amendments to the RBL covenants including leverage ratio and elimination of the minimum liquidity
requirements. Following the amendments, the Company expects to be within covenant parameters for the December 31, 2015
reporting period. The Company and CBA will continue to work together going forward in an effort to ensure continued compliance
with loan covenants based on existing market conditions.
The amendments included the redetermina on of the Company’s borrowing base to $23 million. As of the date of this release, the
Company has $27 million of outstanding borrowings, therefore a $4 million repayment is required. Currently, the Company has
approximately $6 million of cash available. Based upon current projections, the Company believes that following the required
repayment it will have adequate liquidity to continue its existing operations through 2016.
Update on Water Flood Project
Progress of the Company’s future water flood project continues. As announced on 10 December 2015, the formal hearing with the
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (”COGCC”) is due on January 26‐27, 2016. As is common in these hearings, the
application is being contested, however, the Company and its lawyers are confident that it has a strong case and expect that the
project will be approved.
Change of name of Nominated Adviser and Broker
The Company no fies that its Nominated Adviser and Broker has changed its registered name from Westhouse Securities Limited to
Stockdale Securities Limited.

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Stockdale Securities Limited +44 (0) 20 7601 6100
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8 januari, 2016

December månads produktion 102,6 GWh

Bättre vindar än normalt resulterade i en elproduktion om hela 102,6 GWh (66,7 GWh), vilket är 35,9 GWh över budget och rekord för en enskild månad.
Månadens produktion fördelade sig på 53,5 GWh Egen (38,4 GWh) och 49,1 GWh samägd (28,2 GWh) vindkraft.
Totalt producerade bolaget 775 GWh under fjolåret vilket är ca 12 % över budget. Produktionen fördelade sig på 443 GWh egen samt 332 GWh samägd produktion.

Halmstad den 8 januari 2016
ARISE AB (publ)

För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta
Peter Nygren, VD Arise AB, +46 706 300 680

Informationen är sådan som Arise AB ska offentliggöra enligt lagen (2007:528) om värdepappersmarknaden och/ eller lagen (1991:980) om handel med finansiella instrument. Informationen lämnades för offentliggörande den 8 januari 2016 kl. 11.45.

Om Arise
Arise är ett av Sveriges ledande företag inom landbaserad vindkraft med affärsidé att utveckla, bygga och förvalta landbaserad vindkraft i egen regi och för andra. Bolaget är noterat på NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.
Arise AB (publ), Box 808, 301 18 Halmstad, tel. 46 35 20 20 900, 556274-6726

21 december, 2015

Catella establishes property investment management platform in Norway

21 December 2015

Catella enters property investment management in Norway and mezzanine fund management in Luxembourg through an initiative in partnership with Jarle Norman-Hansen and Bjarte Solheim, both with extensive experience from the property investment markets of Norway and the Nordics.

Press release

Catella has a very strong Nordic and Continental European platform within both property investment management, with EUR 3.2 billion under management, and real estate corporate finance. We have most recently launched a residential funds operation in Germany, established Catella in Spain, and we continue to develop our successful operations in Finland, France, Denmark, Iberia and Luxembourg. The establishment in Norway is a natural next step in our expansion. Norway is a big and well-functioning market where we believe we can bring value to our future clients. In 2016, we will also build a corporate finance business in Norway to offer both local transaction capacity and access to our European corporate finance business,” says Knut Pedersen, President and CEO at Catella.

Jarle Norman-Hansen and Bjarte Solheim have been involved in multiple Nordic real estate transactions as advisors, managers or owners. Combined, they have made more than SEK 50 billion in real estate equity, mezzanine and debt investments.

Catella will gain access to a management team with extensive, relevant investment experience across diverse property types, geographies and stages of the economic cycle. They have a wide network of local investors, lenders and advisors across the Nordics. Additionally, Catella will obtain access to a real estate fund set-up and related mezzanine financing platform based in Luxembourg,” says Timo Nurminen, Head of Property Investment Management at Catella.

Jarle Norman-Hansen has 28 years of experience from the Nordic property markets, and is the founder and managing partner of the Luxembourg-based Ambolt Advisors S.a.r.l., a mezzanine fund manager currently managing two funds financing Nordic property investments. He was previously head of Real Estate & Research at ABG Sundal Collier and Head of Research at Alfred Berg and First Securities.

Bjarte Solheim has 17 years of experience from the Nordic property markets, and is the founder of Norwegian asset manager Elementum. Prior to that, he was founder/managing partner at Solist, a Norwegian property fund, and director/managing partner at Fearnley Finans Eiendom.

Catella will form a new partnership company with Norman-Hansen and Solheim, which will acquire their existing platforms, Ambolt Advisors S.a.r.l. and Elementum Asset Management AS. The new enterprise will focus on property investment and asset management on behalf of Norwegian and international investors and managing of mezzanine debt funds. The operations will start in the beginning of 2016.

Catella has now grown to become a one-stop shop within local third-party asset management for cross-border and local investors. We will also selectively launch niche fund products to meet the needs of local investors,” says Timo Nurminen.

Catella has assets under management of approximately EUR 14 billion. The Property Investment Management business area has assets under management of approximately EUR 3.2 billion and has operations in Germany, Finland, France, Denmark, Iberia and Luxembourg.

For more information, please contact:
Knut Pedersen
CEO and President
+46 8 463 33 10

Timo Nurminen
Head of Property Investment Management
+358 50 337 3320

Press contact:
Ann Charlotte Svensson
Head of Communications
+46 8 463 32 55, +46 72 510 11 61

18 december, 2015

Catella acquires initial portfolio for Dutch residential fund

18 December 2015

Munich-based investment manager Catella Real Estate has acquired an initial portfolio consisting of three housing complexes with a total of 303 residential units for the fund Panta Rhei Dutch Residential. The properties are located in the greater Den Haag and Eindhoven regions in the Netherlands.

Press release

All the properties are located in high-growth regions in Netherlands with increased demand. Also our local property manager is the market leader in care services at the Eindhoven location”, says Henrik Fillibeck, MD of Catella Real Estate AG.

The acquisition in Rijswijk in the Den Haag region relates to a property that was built in 1974 and has 17,140 square metres of leasable space. Following partial refurbishment in 2005, the property is now in excellent condition. It has a total of 160 residential units as well as 58 underground and 100 outside parking spaces. The property is fully leased and has below-average tenant turnover. The lease agreements are index-linked and tied to the inflation rate in the Netherlands.

Two further building complexes, De Hoeve and Wilgenhof, with a total of 143 residential units, were also acquired. De Hoeve was built in 1996 and Wilgenhof in 2008. They have leasable space measuring 12,600 square metres. Both properties meet the latest technical standards and are fully leased. The leases are also index-linked.

The capital from the first closing was called as planned to fund the acquisition of the three properties by the end of the year. The existing homogenous group of investors consists primarily of major professional investors based in Germany.

The Panta Rhei Dutch Residential fund was launched at the beginning of this year and focuses on the up-and-coming residential property market in the Netherlands. The open-ended special fund is managed in cooperation with the Dutch partner Panta Rhei. The target volume for the fund is EUR 150 million and the target yield is between 6 and 7 % and dividends are expected to be between 4 and 4.5 % per year.

For more information, please contact:
Henrik Fillibeck
MD, Catella Real Estate AG
+49 89 189 16 65 39

Press contact:
Ann Charlotte Svensson
Head of Communications
+46 8 463 32 55, +46 72 510 11 61