Bulletin from annual general meeting of Catella AB (publ)

Today Catella AB (publ) held its annual general meeting at which mainly the following resolutions were adopted in accordance with the proposals by the board of directors and the nomination committee:
• To adopt the income statement and balance sheet for the parent company and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet for 2019.
• Retained profits and net profit for the year shall be carried forward.
• Not to pay any dividends.
• To discharge the board of directors and the managing director from liability.
• The number of board members shall be six (6) and no deputy board members are to be elected, and that one auditor shall be elected.
• Fees to board members shall be paid as follows:
o the chairman of the board shall receive SEK 570,000 (previous year SEK 570,000) and other board members SEK 350,000 (SEK 350,000) each.
o fees for service on the board audit committee in the amount of SEK 130 000 (130,000) to the chairman of the committee and SEK 100,000 (100,000) each to the other members of the committee.
o fees for service on the board compensation committee in the amount of SEK 40,000 (40,000) to the chairman of the committee and SEK 30,000 (30,000) to the other member of the committee.
• The audit fee shall be payable in accordance with the approved invoice.
• Re-election of all existing board members, Johan Claesson, Johan Damne, Joachim Gahm, Anna Ramel and Jan Roxendal. New election of Tobias Alsborger. The election of Tobias Alsborger requires approval from relevant regulatory authorities. Jan Roxendal was elected chairman of the board.
• PricewaterhouseCoopers AB was re-elected as the company’s auditor for a new term from the end of the AGM 2020 to the end of the AGM 2021, with Daniel Algotsson as auditor-in-charge.
• To adopt principles for the nomination committee for the AGM 2021.
• To approve guidelines for remuneration to senior executives.

For more information, please contact:
Johan Claesson, CEO and President
+46 70 547 16 36
Niklas Bommelin, Investor Relations
+46 76 891 12 40

Catella is a leading specialist in property investments, fund management and banking, with operations in 15 countries. The group has assets under management of approximately SEK 160 billion. Catella is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment. Read more online at catella.com.