Interim report CA Fastigheter AB (publ) January-September 2023


  • Rental income increased by 13.3% to MSEK 643 (568).
  • The operating surplus increased by 17.2% to MSEK 430 (367), giving a surplus ratio of 66.9 (64.7) %.
  • Profit from property management decreased by 2.1% and amounted to MSEK 222 (227). The decrease is mainly due to an increased financial expense.
  • Profit from project activities amounted to MSEK 22 (104).
  • The market value of the properties amounted to MSEK 15,407 (14,972). CA Fastigheter does not market value the properties continuously during the year, increased value from year end 2022 refers to investments and exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Profit after tax amounted to MSEK 189 (520). The decrease is mainly due to changes in the value of derivatives.


Significant events during July – September 2023:

– During the period, 63% of the company Classic Living CL AB, corporate identification number 5559091-1052, was acquired. The shares have been acquired from CA Investment AB, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CA Fastigheter AB’s parent company Claesson & Anderzén AB. The restructuring within the Group has been carried out in order to consolidate the real estate operations under CA Fastigheter AB’s ownership. Classic Living CL AB is a Swedish public limited company whose business consists of developing real estate on the Spanish Costa del Sol with a focus on Malaga and the surrounding area. The company’s Spanish parent company, Classic Living & Development SL, has offices in Malaga.

– The property Hevea 6 in Borås was completed during the period and the tenant Wikholm Form AB has moved into a warehouse of 14,726 sqm. The property is thus fully leased. In connection with completion, the property was environmentally certified and received the rating Miljöbyggnad Silver.


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