Outcome in relation to final conversion of Arise’s convertible bonds (ISIN SE0009607088)

In connection to the final date for conversion of convertible bonds into shares in Arise AB (publ) (”Arise”) on 28 February 2022, applications to convert have been received for a nominal amount of SEK 116,903,688 corresponding to 5,313,804 new ordinary shares in Arise. Following registration of the new shares with the Swedish Companies Registration Office the total amount of shares and votes in Arise will amount to 44,494,235. Such registration is expected to be completed during the first half of March 2022 after which shares will be delivered to the respective nominee/shareholders’ securities account.

Convertible bonds for which an application was not received by the time of the final date to apply for conversion will be redeemed at par on or about March 31, 2022.

Complete terms and conditions for the convertible bonds are available on Arise’s website https://www.arise.se/en/convertible-bonds-rights-issue-2017.