Formal waiver of certain conditions for Arise AB’s (publ) senior unsecured green bond 2022/2026 (ISIN: SE0017487416)

Arise AB (publ) (”Arise”) has on April 3, 2023 announced the completion of the acquisition of 51% of the shares in Pohjan Voima Oy (”Pohjan Voima”), a company active within the development of onshore wind and solar power in Finland. Within the framework of the transaction, certain shareholder loans may be provided from Arise to Pohjan Voima for the purpose of financing such energy projects in Finland.

The terms of the Arise senior unsecured green bond 2022/2026 permits shareholder loans to be provided to companies that Pohjan Voima controls more than 50 percent. A limited part, a maximum of EUR 700,000, of the contemplated loans are intended to be provided to a company that Pohjan Voima controls to only 50 percent. Arise has therefore submitted a request to Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ) (the ”Agent”) regarding a formal waiver of conditions in the unsecured green bond regarding the provision of such limited loans.

Arise and the Agent (acting on behalf of the bondholders) have agreed to provide Arise a formal waiver to provide the proposed loans as the Agent is satisfied that the loans are not detrimental to the interests of the bondholders, which the bondholders will receive or have received notice of from the Agent and Arise hereby publishes according to the terms.

Halmstad, 17 april 2023