Year-end-report 2015

Claesson & Anderzén AB, the Group, has today published its annual report for 2015. See, where the report can be downloaded.

The net turnover amounted in total to SEK 2,236 million (1,711) with rental income increasing to SEK 590 million (556).

The net turnover of the agricultural business amounted to SEK 403 million (228), an increase mainly attributable to reduced stock between the years.
The occupancy rate for the property portfolio at year-end was 91 per cent (93), including acquisitions of real estate with substantial vacancies during the year. This indicates potential for increasing the Group’s total rental income.
The operating surplus from real estate management increased to SEK 359 million (339).
Sales of properties as well as profit/loss recognition of real estate development projects contributed strongly to the result for the year. The result from these operations amounted in total to SEK 446 million (208).

The result of the agricultural business was SEK 148 million (48) in spite of the continued turbulence in Ukraine throughout the year, resulting in sharp devaluations of the local currency.
The Group’s holdings in Catella AB, corresponding to 49.9% of the capital, have been a major contributor to the result for the year. The Group’s share of Catella AB’s result amounted to SEK 121 million (105).
The result after financial income and expenses increased to SEK 787 million (461).
Equity ratio amounts to 38.8% (32.1). For the second year, in accordance with new K3 accounting regulations, the Group will be reporting market value of property and derivatives. The value is presented only in notes, and amounted on the real estate balance sheet date to SEK 8.6 billion (8.0) and, for derivatives, to minus SEK 0.28 billion (minus 0.35). Taking these values into account, the Group’s adjusted solidity amounts to 59% (51).

The Group is not presenting any forecasts for future periods.
“The result for 2015 exceeds our forecasts. Most of the Group’s portfolio companies have improved their business. Not least, it is extremely satisfactory to say both that the Group’s agricultural company in Ukraine, BZK Grain Alliance AB, reports a strong result in spite of an exceptional situation in the country, and that Catella AB continues to demonstrate vigorous growth as well as good profitability. This, together with the very robust result of our real estate company, CA Fastigheter AB, has contributed to a historically good result for the Group,” says Johan Damne, CEO of  Claesson & Anderzén AB.