Conversion of shares in Catella AB

According to Catella’s articles of association a holder of a share of class A has the right to require that the share be converted into a class B share. Such conversion decreases the total number of votes in the company. After such a conversion has taken place, the company has an obligation under law to, in this way, publish information about the change.

During December 2023, 65,378 shares of class A have been converted into the same number of shares of class B. Thereafter, the total number of votes in Catella amount to 97,931,188.

The total number of registered shares in the company after the conversion amount to 88,348,572, of which 2,395,654 shares of class A and 85,952,918 shares of class B.

Arise appoints new General Counsel

Karmen Bergholcs has been appointed General Counsel at Arise AB (publ). She will take up her position on the 15th of January 2024 when she also joins Group Management. Most recently, Karmen Bergholcs held the position as General Counsel at Pandox AB (publ).

Halmstad 8 December 2023

ARISE AB (publ)

For further information, please contact:

Per-Erik Eriksson, CEO, Arise AB, +46 702 409 902