Catella AB (publ) signs lease agreement with Matsmart in Örebro via Infrahubs

Catella AB (publ) has, through its subsidiary Infrahubs Fastighet 3 AB, signed a lease agreement with Matsmart Scandinavia AB to build and manage a new automated central warehouse of approx. 24,000 sq.m. in Örebro, Sweden. Sustainability is in focus and solar panels will be placed on the roof of the entire property to produce electricity to the operation of the premises. The new warehouse will be ready in the spring of 2022.

This is the third agreement Catella has signed since June 2020 when a stronger focus on properties and investments to develop modern logistics properties through the company Infrahubs was communicated. The previous agreements relate to an investment of SEK 500 million in the municipality of Norrköping that began in 2020 and a land acquisition and lease agreement with Husqvarna in the municipality of Vaggeryd, which was communicated on March 31, 2021.

“Infrahubs is very proud of the assignment to create the e-commerce warehouse of the future for Matsmart in Örebro. This is a super-modern and sustainable warehouse of approx. 24,000 sqm for future logistics and distribution, which will also include Sweden’s second largest automation from Autostore and Element Logic with 149 robots that will handle the customers’ large order flow, ”says Hans Bengtsson, CEO of Infrahubs.

Matsmart is a European food e-commerce and impact company. The company contributes to a sustainable reform of the global food system with a business model completely in line with the global sustainability goal to decrease the world’s food waste by half by 2030. Matsmart is on the Financial Times list of Europe’s fastest growing companies and is established at four European markets.

Christoffer Abramson, CEO of Catella comments: “This deal is another important step in our strategy focusing on direct real estate investments. The establishment in Örebro with the associated lease agreement with a forward-looking tenant means that Catella, through Infrahubs, continues to be a market leader in modern logistics properties with high demands on location, quality, and sustainability. We continue to see great opportunities for future investments in the logistics segment”.

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CEO and President
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