Catella’s partly owned company Infrahubs to develop a second logistics property in Vaggeryd

Catella co-owned Infrahubs has recently signed an agreement to develop a logistics facility in Vaggeryd for Svenska Retursystem AB (SRS). In connection with this, Infrahubs acquires a land area amounting to 78 000 square meters.

The 30,000 square meter building will be fully let to SRS with a 15-year lease contract. Catella’s ownership share is 40%.
The facility will be built in accordance with the Sustainability Certification Miljöbyggnad Silver and have one of Scandinavia’s largest roof-mounted solar cell panels with an estimated annual production of 3.7 GWh. SRS will start leasing the building in Q2 2023.

”We are pleased to develop a new, modern and sustainable facility for Svenska Retursystem. SRS contributes to the reuse of load carriers for large parts of the grocery industry and energy efficiency as well as circular flows of water will be prioritized areas in the construction process. The agreement confirms Infrahubs strong position as a modern logistics property developer with sustainability and automation in focus and affirms the strong property development platform we are developing in Infrahubs with five ongoing projects,” says Christoffer Abramson, CEO of Catella.

Through partly owned Infrahubs, Catella develops sustainable logistics facilities that meet tomorrow’s requirements of modern and highly automated solutions. Within the Infrahubs portfolio, three other properties are currently being developed, located in Ljungby, Vaggeryd and Örebro. A fourth property has been completed and is fully let in Norrköping.