First quarter in brief
•Net sales for the quarter amounted to MSEK 55 (44).
•Operating profit before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) was MSEK 30 (21), of which associates had an impact of MSEK 0 (0) on the Group. Operating cash flow was MSEK 24 (47).
•Operating profit/loss (EBIT) was MSEK 12 (2).
•Profit/loss before tax amounted to MSEK -16 (-20).
•Profit/loss after tax totalled MSEK -13 (-20), or SEK -0.39 (-0.58) per share.
•Production amounted to 132 GWh (185), of which Own wind power operations accounted for 76 GWh (93), and Co-owned wind power operations for 56 GWh (92).
•Average income from Own wind power operations was SEK 522 per MWh (339), of which SEK 356 per MWh (278) pertained to electricity and SEK 166 per MWh (61) to electricity certificates.
•Solberg was completed for Fortum in line with schedule and budget.
•Arise successfully refinanced and redeemed its secured bonds early totalling approximately MSEK 950. After the refinancing, the company can fully focus on increasing growth in its project development and management business as well as value-enhancing measures related to the company’s assets.
Halmstad 3 May, 2018
ARISE AB (publ)
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