Organic farming

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For the third year, Baryshivska Grain Company has been implementing the principles of organic farming. In South Poltava Region, there are fields where crops are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or means of protection. Their total area is 1600 hectare. At present, the Organic Standard Company has certified most of the company organic crop rotation fields that meet the requirements of European standards for organic crop cultivation. In addition, the relevant certificates have been received for the company warehouses where the grain is stored.
– Baryshivska Grain Company has been growing organic spelt for three years. Organic soybeans were first sown this year. Spelt has already been harvested, we have 700 tons of crop. The productivity level of this grain is 32 centners per hectare. ”Zorya Ukrayiny” is the first spelt variety in Ukraine, which has been passed for official registration. The value of this wheat is that it has up to 17% protein, – says the head of South Poltava region Grygoriy Plys.
– Spelt is a kind of grain that needs to be hulled. This is a rather difficult process. Modern German equipment is used for this purpose. We are able to hull 7 tons of spelt per a day, – says Ivan Shulga, the Head of “Ovsyuky” warehouse.
Baryshivska Grain Company considers organic farming to be one of the most promising and intends to develop it.